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Inventa is committed to helping our clients realize the vision of a robust and reliable digital nervous system. Contact us for a consultation.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


There are no geographical limitations in today’s world of information technology. Inventa Group works with its clients to truly branch out and avail the opportunities locally and domestically. We are able to provide remote and onsite IT services to our diverse customers here at home and and international corporations. We understand the international business culture and will help you to being the best technologies and solutions for your business.

Even more importantly, we know what technology will suit your needs best to save time, money and increase sustainability. We know the systems of different LAN and Computer structures to help our clients comply with them. We help you to enter the business times using your technology to their limits without having to worry about data loss, online safety, computer functionalities, and printers to give your company the full advantage of our IT experience.

Range of our IT Consulting and Computer Services

Before you buy

Before you buy any computer or related equipment, you can alway ask our professional opinions to save money and spend little time to buy the best technology out there.

Before you switch

Before you switch, upgrade or downgrade your current LAN, Computer and Printer setup, you can ask us to help you to go through on what is best for you  without spending your money and time then end up with unnecessary products.

Before you move

Before you move your office to a new location, you can ask us to help you manage and plan safer moving for your computer and networking equipment without any damage and safely.

Computer Repair

Computer do not need reasons to break due to their fragile electronic designs and power bursts etc. Things do go wrong unexpectedly without any prior sign. You can always call or email us for free estimation to help you speed up with a safe repair.

Server Repair

Servers do stop working because of their continues 24/7 working hours. They break after some time because of extreme heat and circuits they are built with. In the case of inaccessibility between your computer and printer or data that is located in the server you can always call us for an immediate support.

Printer Repair

Printers are no different than computers or servers, because they break from paper jams, ink leaks, component breaks, overload and long hours of printing etc. We have extensive experience in all printers and we can easily get around any issue that you may be experiencing or experience in the future.

Problems with your Computers, LAN, Network, Internet, Printer or Data!