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We are seeking a Computer Programmer to join our team! The Computer Programmer in our Technical Team. Is responsible for mainly at our TravEx Project. The concept of “Anything/Anywhere”, which provides opportunity to consumers to get any product wherever they are located and to brands to get exposure in any corner of the world without all challenges that are connected with ”shipping abroad”.


– Designing computer programs and writing the code for applications using various operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft, and Unix
– Testing the programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct
– Write, update, and maintain computer programs or software packages to handle specific jobs such as tracking inventory, storing or retrieving data, or controlling other equipment
– Write, analyze, review, and rewrite programs
– Revising, repairing, or expanding existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements
– Perform systems analysis and programming tasks to maintain and control the use of computer systems software as a systems programmer
– Compile and write documentation of program development and subsequent revisions, inserting comments in the coded instructions so others can understand the program
– Prepare detailed workflow charts and diagrams that describe input, output, and logical operation, and convert them into a series of instructions coded in a computer language
– Consult with project manager to define and resolve problems in running computer programs


– Bachelor’s degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university
– Strong understanding of object-oriented design, web application architecture and relational database design
– Proficient in ASP.NET, MVC, C# and JavaScript with solid understanding of their ecosystem
– Client-side scripting experience with JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular and jQuery a plus
– Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio (MVS) and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
– Strong communication skills

Please email us your resume at info@inventagroup.com

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