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“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist,

Inventa Group can provide annual or biannual service contracts for ongoing maintenance and support of your network and workstations. To help avoid downtime, we utilize remote diagnostic software to monitor your network in a proactive way, ensuring a robust and reliable network that enables you to concentrate on your core business.

Range of services

Computer Repair

Ongoing maintenance and support of your computers.

Software Troubleshoot

Monthly updates and support for your software.

Hardware Upgrade

Server, Printer and Computer upgrades for better productivity and best results.

System Replacements

All kinds of Computer and LAN equipment replacements can be done fast and within satisfaction and your budget.

Data Migration

Your files can be transferred from one unit to another including cloud, local backups and movable devices.

File Hosting Solutions

We offer inhouse file hosting for companies who needs safer and reliable accessibility for their business and private data.

Smart Planning in IT

Our IT Engineers perform the followings:

  • We can work during or after hours
  • We retain quality while adding more safety to your data
  • We manage your tech so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Our IT skills will help you to manage your business and increase sales
  • We help you cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • We automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

File Backup Use

We offer a broad range of services to meet your infrastructure needs, including state-of-the-art LAN/WAN design and installation, services and support.

Research beyond the business plan

Good IT strategy is the antidote to winning in business without loss. Strategic thinking in technology is the process of developing a new and better ideas that defines your value proposition and business model to achieve more and fast. Such planning includes usability of right equipment to get more without almost no downtime which helps your company’s capabilities in achieving more comparing your competitors.

A Good IT Planning will help you and your time to be more knowledgeable for daily use of equipment. The experience of  the IT company you hire  will define your value proposition as you run your business. This choice of a professional IT company will help you to use your daily energy on running your business other than constantly worrying.

A good product is as important as good the service and the company behind. It should not be the location you are choosing an IT company to help you for the sake of distance between two of you, but rather the value that they will bring into your business by decreasing your loss while increasing your productivity as a result of managing your IT in the best way possible.

If any of these above points matters, then call us today!